October 29

Emoji story-week 4 task

My 👩🏻 was driving me home after baseball practice and I got some🍦. I got a chocolate fudge sundae and it was so good. We started going through a construction zone and there were a lot of bumps,but then there was a really big bump and my🍦flew all over the car. I was 😭. My 👩🏻 saw all of my🍦all over  the 🚗and 😂

October 19

My commenting experience

I commented on two different blogs for the student blogging challenge and I had things in common with both of them and they had cool personalities.The name of the peoples blogs I commented on where Gustavo and Ejj they have really unique names.


October 5

Video Games


Video games

My free time

Xbox,Playstation,Nintendo,and more

I love video games

    You could love them,too

The wide variety

   Thousands of games

 Hours of work

Working towards completion

Achievements of confidence

Video games are exciting

  But they have endings

     Poems are similar

        Poems end,too

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